Julia-Sophie / New Single – “I Left You”

“I Left You” is the new single from Julia-Sophie, the follow up to her debut “x0x”. It’s a song that details the overwhelming set of emotions that comes with falling in love and the attempt to deal with them. I’ve had a similar experience. I placed an order on Domino’s website last weekend and was surprised to see it all go through, but was then met with a message that said the restaurant would be taking no more orders and that mine was cancelled. I’m still not over it.

With such a heavy set of feelings to project, it makes sense for “I Left You” to be a song that offers a lot of space for its lyrics. Julia’s vocals rightfully lead the way, but the instrumental provides enough substance while keeping a safe distance. The deep sound of drums provides a foundation for synthesisers to contribute an eerie, dark set of melodies which match with the gloomy nature of the song. I like the way the instrumental sometimes collaborates with the vocals, and does its own thing at other points. It makes the song much more fluid, allowing it to not become too heavy.

Julia-Sophie has produced something great in “I Left You”. It’s a song that doesn’t strive to be accessible right away, but focuses instead on intriguing the listener, which it certainly has with me. For this to be her second song is pretty astounding, and makes me wonder what other worldly tunes we’ll be treated to next.

Listen to “I Left You” below and check out Julia-Sophie on Facebook and Instagram.

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