Kaptan – ‘Hardest Part’ | Single Review

Sometimes in life we experience events that are decided beyond our control, yet something that’s always a guarantee is the choice we make in how to react to them. We can choose to grieve and rant about how life is unfair, or we can pick ourselves back up and do something productive. I believe that the decision you make truly reflects who you are as a person. Kaptan experienced one of these events and decided to take the latter choice, and the result of that came in the form of this new single ‘Hardest Part’.

With an instrumental that’s grand in it’s sound, ‘Hardest Part’ offers a lot of space for Kaptan to detail lyrics that are raw and simply heart-breaking. But instead of allowing the theme to take over the entirety of the song, Kaptan floods it with Poppy elements to keep it somewhat light and catchy. The strong bassline cuts through the floaty synths and the melodic guitars, while the simple drum beat keeps things flowing nicely.

It’s a wonderful way to reveal anguish while also realising that, sadly, we have to move on from these events. ‘Hardest Part’ is a lovely ode to a loved one, and one that showcases the strength that Kaptan has as a person. It’s catchy and tragic at the same time, and makes for some truly eye-opening listening.

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