‘Devotion’ is the new single from KÅRP, a band from Sweden who like to bring Death Disco to the masses. Personally I’ve always felt Disco’s a little too safe and has been in need of something just to spice it up a bit, and what better way to get spicy than DEATH? Right?

The band describes the track as like “a punch in the belly like upbeat tune wrapped in beautiful darkness.” Not only does that sound awesome, but it’s also pretty spot on. A billowing atmosphere is formed off the back of pulsating synths and frontwoman Anna-Marie’s Lundberg’s vocals seem to haunt in the background too. It gives off a sound that makes ‘Devotion’ sound straight from the same playgroup as The Knife and Robyn, and comes with a similar ferocity that could indeed punch you right in the tummy tum tum.

It’s awesome, powerful and a proper catchy number too. ‘Devotion’ is one of the more surprising releases I’ve heard this year and now I want some more.

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