Let’s be honest, life is pretty sucky. For a lot of us, life revolves mainly around a work schedule. Whether it’s 9-5 Mon/Fri or anything that involves pretending to care, it’s not what we want to be losing our lives over. Katie Wood is another individual looking to achieve her dreams and has detailed it wonderfully with debut single “Permanent Living”.

The mid-tempo plod of the track illustrates the march of workers heading into the office each morning, giving Katie much uninspired space to convert into a sound that brings everyone together to shout out the chorus. Her voice projects a nice balance of disinterest and superstardom as she belts out lyrics of wishing to be somebody else who isn’t engaged in water tower small talk.

“Permanent Living” is a song for the millions of people stuck in their concrete jungles. It’s instrumental sparkles and engages the tiny voice inside that still believes you can be free, and Katie’s relatable lyricism only makes it easier to get on board. This is a great introduction to an artist who promises a whole lot more, and we’re excited to hear where Katie goes from here.

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