We’re “Pretty Sure” you’ll like Kita Menari’s new single

“Pretty Sure” is the new single from Kita Menari. Not gonna lie, this was the first song of 2019 we heard that immediately tickled our fancy. Speaking on the song, the man behind Kita Menari, Micha de Jonge, said:

“The song revolves about a common conversation I have with myself: whether or not what I’m doing creatively is good enough, and the fear of letting that feeling go. Having big ambitions and dreams can sometimes have a negative effect on the process of achieving them. It’s like having an angel on one shoulder telling you to go for it while a demon sits on the other telling you it’s not good enough. I wanted there to be a sonic build throughout the song that would erupt after the second chorus, as a sign of letting that fear go and having creativity burst free.”

This eruption of colour and freedom is what drew us to “Pretty Sure”. The warm guitar riffs that scatter through the airwaves, the thunderous beats of the drum and the forever-moving motion of the synthesiser create a sound that’s steeped in vibrancy. The vocals deliver a performance that seems to have said farewell to any hint of fear, and bellow out a confidence that perfectly matches the instrumentation.

Kita Menari have dropped an early favourite in “Pretty Sure”. It’s impossible to not feel uplifted by this song. What a jam.

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