Since the announcement of their collaborative project, Kyan Palmer & nicopop. have seemingly taken the world by storm. The first single from this collab – “Unofficial Lover” – gained unreal amounts of press, all screaming praise like you wouldn’t believe. Now the duo return with “Antisocial Socialites” and well, it’s time for us to start screaming now.

For a track littered with lyrics of hating being amongst the world, “Antisocial Socialites” is an absolute banger. Booming synthesisers lock eyes with you on the dancefloor, catching you in its trap and letting you know that it’s time to dance. Despite its internal battles throughout, the track does not ease up on the good vibes. The instrumental overwhelms the airwaves with this burning desire to cut some shapes all over the mind, allowing the lyrics to cut through every so often with a hard hitting line of seriously-not-wanting-to-be-here. As somebody who also wishes all plans came with a mandatory cancel, this song could not speak to us any clearer.

The latest offering from this dynamic duo proves that they have formed the perfect partnership. Nicopop.’s deeply rooted Pop influences shine through to create an easily accessible tune, and Kyan Palmer’s vocals help it go down smoothly. What a tune.

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