KYOTI’s humanizing new single | “Restart The World”

It’s evident that modern society’s heavily reliant on machines. We need technological rectangles to wake us up on time, provide us with the assurance that we’re social and take note of how many Likes and Follows we receive whilst we sleep. Likes and Follows are quickly becoming a currency we cannot afford to lose, and we can’t allow our reputation to fall by not posting a pointless life update to people we otherwise wouldn’t care about. Sometimes we require something that strips us from the “always connected” world of the Internet and throws us into something that’s real.

Newcastle trio KYOTI are the ones to do so with new single “Restart the World”. Its first words are “I’m so synthetic/ it’s pathetic/ I rely on my phone” which cuts deep into the soul alongside it’s companion of robotic synthesiser. The beat is bolstered with enough gusto to rattle the brain into life, and suddenly there’s emotions forming within. Snappy drums bring groove into the hips, movement into the feet and there’s…happiness? Weird. Hadn’t felt that in a long time.

The chorus is a succinct declaration of starting over, and allowing genuine thoughts and opinions to form again. It’s backed with a set of synths that deliver a shimmering display of sounds that seem to dissipate into the atmosphere, which illustrates a setting of being at a club, or a venue filled with actual, breathing humans. KYOTI transport you into a world that’s full of life, adding you to a crowd of individuals all coming together to vibe and enjoy the sounds of “Restart The World”.

KYOTI have helped us feel the most human we’ve felt in ages, and “Restart The World” has shaken the cobwebs loose and added a natural spark to our formerly robotic selves. It’s catchy, juicy and a brilliant use of tools to create something that’s human in nature, and determined to make you feel.  

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