Late night TV is very hit and miss. Whether it’s forcing your other half to watch Match of the Day every Saturday night, or staying up long enough to reach the Teleshopping stage of the night, late night TV is a great indication of whether or not you should’ve just gone to bed. Late TV returns with their second single ‘Losin’ It’ and well, it’s certainly not a Teleshopping kind of song.

It takes a lot of confidence to allow bass guitar to lead the way, but when you’ve got talent in dropping some hot basslines then by all means, let that bass lead the way to the sky. ‘Losin’ It’ is full of a plethora of basslines that do not wish to quit, and Late TV accompany it with all sorts of guitars and synths that absolutely let loose throughout. The synth solo (you will know the one I’m talking about) goes insane and truly ramps up the feel good vibes and late night jives the song wishes to take you on, and all in all it makes for fantastic listening.

Late TV are still in their infancy but they’ve dropped an absolute stormer here with ‘Losin’ It’. This is a track that’s fun start and finish, and I can’t wait to hear more from this promising act.

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