We’ve had a chat with Laura Brierley! Having just released her new single ‘Peace of Mind’ at the time, we wanted to get to know all about her and her life as an aspiring musician. I proper enjoyed ‘Peace of Mind’, and reckon you should keep an ear for Laura in the near future. Enjoy!

Hey Laura Brierley, how’s it going? Hi, I’m great thank you!

First of all, how did you end up getting into music? Who influenced you enough to make music of your own? I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember and started playing piano when I was in primary school. A friend and I started to write songs together when we were 11, which was where it all began, and I gradually started to write songs by myself, which I’ve done ever since! I’ve been influenced by a lot of artists/bands such as Florence + The Machine, but my main inspiration has to be Kate Bush; her music is so unique and beautiful; there’s just no one like her!

You’ve just released a new single in ‘Peace of Mind’. What can you tell us about it? I only wrote ‘Peace of Mind’ about a week before I decided to try and record it, and it came together a lot faster than songs I’ve written in the past. I’d say it’s about trying to find answers for why certain experiences happened in your life.

It’s the third single you’ve released so far. How’s it been getting started in music? I wouldn’t really describe my songs as singles; at the moment I’m just trying to get to grips with learning how to record my music, which I hope is improving each time! So I kind of think of them more as demos right now, but I love having the opportunity to share my music with lots of people online; it’s been really encouraging getting positive feedback!

Should we expect to hear something more substantial from you in the near future? I’m currently studying languages at university, so I’m trying to combine writing/attempting to record with that, which can be a struggle sometimes, but I’d definitely love to record some of my songs professionally with a view to releasing an EP at some point in the future!

Have you got much else planned for 2018? More music, live shows etc I have quite a few songs already written that I’d like to get recorded over the rest of the year, so I’ll be aiming to put out a few more demos on Soundcloud over the next few months! I’ll also be trying to get to some open mics around Nottingham; there’s such a great music scene for upcoming artists!

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Anyone that listens to and supports new artists via Soundcloud/Twitter/music blogs/online radio, you are so appreciated! Even having a couple of people listen to the music you make is such a personal and exciting thing, so thank you for sharing and supporting new music!

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