Lauren Alex Hooper’s “Clarity”

While she has been likened to Taylor Swift and Lauren Aquilina, Hooper admits that “genre has never been something I’ve focused on; I’m just trying to write songs that mean something, to me and hopefully to you”. This is palpable in her music. Her latest single, “Clarity“, from her upcoming EP Honest is a prime example of that. While she aligns herself closer to pop music, this single has an essence of an alternative sound to it that makes it that much more intriguing. It’s alt pop, in a sense.

It’s a song about negative feelings. It’s a song about desperately chasing some kind of relief, some kind of clarity if you will. Unfortunately, while we would love to find this clarity, it is not always so easy. Hooper says it herself with the chorus saying “there’s not guarantee when you’re chasing clarity”.

She makes so many interesting points in the song, pouring her heart out on the difficulties of getting past whatever hardship you may be facing. With lyrics like “I want this too much” and “I wish I could hate you for hurting me”, it’s plain to see that her concern over writing songs that hopefully mean something to her audience, is prevalent. However, it’s also plain to see that she succeeds. “Clarity” is an honest portrayal of trying to crawl out of a bad spot, making it a perfect fit for her upcoming EP Honest. While relatability, I’m sure, isn’t on the forefront of Hooper’s mind, by writing this honest song, by releasing an EP of these honest songs, it’s clear to see how relatability and a connection with her listeners, naturally follows.

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