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This week’s interview comes from the wonderfully talented Lauren Strange. Lauren blew my mind with her Salt EP released at the end of 2017 and so you can imagine how fanboy-heavy I’m feeling right now having the opportunity to have a chat with her. In this interview we talk about Lauren’s beginnings, Salt, and any plans for new music in 2018. Enjoy, and do not forget about supporting Lauren on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Hello Lauren Strange, how’s it going? Hey! It’s going great over here. Staying very busy!

Let’s get context out of the way, what made you want to become a musician? I know you were previously in a band called The Pretty Killers before heading into solo ventures. What made you choose to go solo? My family is very musical and I’ve always had a love for music. I’m from Memphis so I grew up on soul and rock n’ roll and I’ve always loved to sing.

I chose to go solo since our lineup had been changing quite a bit and I wanted to focus on making this more of a cohesive solo project. My drummer from the Pretty Killers – Adam Reszenski – is still in my band though! I feel like my sound is evolving too as I grow and improve as a songwriter and musician.

You’ve very recently released a new EP in the form of Salt. Are you happy with how it turned out? I am!! I had such a blast recording the EP and I’m very proud of how it turned out. I can’t believe we recorded it all in Tony (Smith)’s living room!

Salt comes three years after your debut EP Say Yes. Was the extended break between releases planned? I released my cover of “Zombie” with the Pretty Killers in 2016, but the otherwise extended break wasn’t exactly planned. I had some health issues that spanned a few years but I’ve been very blessed to be in good overall health now. You can expect more new music in 2018!

The EP maintains a traditionally Grunge-y sound but does offer little touches of Pop too. Was this slight introduction of Pop intended for this project? Tony Smith produced the EP and he’s an excellent songwriter who specializes in the pop/rock genre. He previously fronted the band SLEEPER/AGENT with his friend Alex and they toured with bands including Weezer, Circa Survive, and Cage the Elephant. We enjoy a lot of the same music like The Pixies, Liz Phair, etc. so it was the natural direction to take for this record. His touches on the EP made it shine and I’m thankful he put in all the work that he did.

What shall we expect from Lauren Strange in 2018? You can definitely expect another EP soon. I’ve been writing a ton so I’ll have a lot of songs to pick from! We are also booking more out of town shows, so if anyone wants us to come play their city just drop me a line!

Finally, if you could close out is interview with one final thought, what would it be? I just want to encourage all the independent artists out there who are struggling to keep pushing forward and creating art. Now more than ever the world needs every bit of beauty we can bring into it.

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