Laurens Court kick off their year with new single “Burn”. The first release from the North East act since their debut album Introduction back in 2017. It details the wonderful talent of overthinking and self-sabotage, and highlights how destructive it can be. As someone who does this on a daily basis, this is a song that allows me to vent similar feelings through the power of HEAVY.GUITAR.RIFFAGE. Fuck yeah.

With Introduction, it was clear that the band’s sound involved a lot of experimentation and this is an element that is fortunately retained for “Burn”. The pairing of piano with guitars produces an instrumental that looms in the shadows, illustrating the dark nature of the mind. The addition of electronic drums adds a synthetic touch to the track, but doesn’t take away the power that’s thrown into the face by the chorus. Beefy walls of guitars fill the room with aggression as the vocals soar into the corners. I love the saxophone cameo too – anything that has a bit of sax is good in my books.

Burn” is a great song from Laurens Court and is one that gets me excited to hear more from this rumoured new album from them. If you like what you hear, check out Laurens Court on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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