Laurent Bourque’s new single “Blue Hour”

Everything is better when Laurent Bourque comes back to our lives. Having dazzled our ears back in June with “Matador”, Laurent has since released his new album Blue Hour (Note: not released until January 31st in Europe. Oh man!) and also released its title track as a new single. Much like we did with “Matador”, Laurent’s debut album Pieces of Your Past caused the world to fall in love with his songwriting. This sparked a reinvention of sorts, pushing Laurent to rethink his craft and land with the new record; a record that serves as a reminder to take a second to fall in love with your surroundings.

This idyllic pause into the present shines through on “Blue Hour”. Stark piano chords ring out into silence against Laurent’s soft vocals, causing the listener to snap back into reality. The instrumental is built carefully with introductions of percussion and basslines eased into the mix to retain the organic sound of the track. Its mild explosion of sound blooms into the atmosphere, filling the world with harmonies that bring some light into it. “Blue Hour” is gorgeous and we cannot get enough of Laurent Bourque.

Listen to “Blue Hour” below and connect with Laurent Bourque on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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