Storming into the china shop is “Matador”, the new single from Laurent Bourque. With a new album coming in the Autumn, Laurent has certainly caught our attention with this snazzy little number. For a song that celebrates all kinds of love – even the kind that hurts – we’ve fallen for it.

With warm acoustic chords sinking us into chilled vibes, “Matador” soon descends a soundscape that dabbles in groove and strikes us with its composed nature. Tiny blips of synth line up with rigid drums to inject little strikes of funk into the hips, enabling a swing that’s hard to ignore. Laurent’s smooth vocals ease their way into the ears, producing a wonderfully tragic chorus that’s so satisfying to sing along too.

“Matador” is a superb song from Laurent Bourque. It’s laid back, catchy and effortlessly easy to get into. Looking forward to hearing more from Laurent.


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