Lazybones fantastic introduction with | Bang! Bang! EP

There aren’t many things that are more satisfying than absolutely nailing a first impression. Sure, you can slip quietly into a room and offer a mere “hello” to the air and sit in the corner, meek as anything BUT, imagine kicking down that door, arms wide and with a deadly “WHAT’S UP, FUCKERS?” armed and ready to strike. Holyyyyyy moly, you’ve nailed it, everybody’s staring. They love you. You love you. That’s….that’s awesome.

Brighton trio Lazybones dove into the studio with the intention to do exactly that, and with debut EP Bang! Bang! they have done exactly that. We dedicated a Good Sounds Playlist to the name of their single “Fashion Victim” last week. It’s rampant, roaring display of thunderous riffs absolutely tore our eardrums apart, and we love them for that.

Despite it’s strong start the EP maintains a high level of quality throughout. “Heart Beat Like A Drum” bursts into the ears with it’s off-kilter and fuzzy riffs that seem determined to destroy everything in sight. The drums really shine through on this track as they deliver a groove to the mix that converts this behemoth into one with a bit of swing. Like Bigfoot with flares on, or something.

“Denim” not only pushes the idea that Denim is best but also succeeds with a storming performance of slick guitars and cymbals that seem to collide together in the background. There’s an element of The Hives at their most direct within this track, but Lazybones do a great job at keeping some of the EVERYTHING’SFALLINGAPART elements that really helps make Bang! Bang! exhilarating.

Lazybones certainly bring of the best introductions with this EP. Everything is so frantically passionate, we love it. Bang! Bang! is fantastic and easily one of the best debuts we’ve heard in a long time.

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