Lazybones’ new single “Trash Talk”

Lazybones blew our minds back in February with the release of their debut EP Bang! Bang! absolutely blowing it to pieces with a series of heavy, HEAVY guitar riffs that sounded sooooooooooo good. Now they return with “Trash Talk”, a track about “That moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it.” I know how you feel. I once said that pizza wasn’t that great, and I’m still getting nightmares over it.

As to be expected, “Trash Talk” is another rampant display of heavy machinery – a fuzzy bass guitar, an amplified organ and drums, of course – that ABSOLUTELY WANTS TO KNOCK YOU OUT. It’s an unrelenting barrage of noise lead superbly by vocals that ramp up the intensity and the fury of the song, making it such a satisfying listen. Lazybones can go no wrong.

Listen to “Trash Talk” below and connect with Lazybones on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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