Lenny Bull Sinks Her Gnashers In with Debut EP ¦ Sharp Teeth

Lenny Bull has been wasting no time in building a discography. Last month saw the release of her debut single “Don’t Talk about It” and new single “Somebody Else” before rounding it off with Sharp Teeth, a debut EP that promises to chow down on your mind. This EP details Lenny’s journey in learning to take no BS and how to be a badass, basically.

“Take the Heat” kicks off the EP with a storming set of guitar riffs that seem to come straight from the early Punk vibes of the 70s and 80s, coming with an attitude that already sounds pissed off. Lenny’s vocals croon their way through the music, leading the song into its explosive chorus. It certainly sets the tone for the rest of the EP, and leads us into the frantic pace of “Turn Me On”, a rather tongue in cheek tune that features lines such as “I take my clothes off…..should I leave them on?” How wonderfully pessimistic.

Sharp Teeth is a glorious unit of feel good vibes that throws all sorts of middle fingers to the world and simply LIVES. Lenny Bull has delivered an EP that’s an absolute joy to listen to, and well, I cannot wait to start flipping the bird to all things not nice now.

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