Leopard Rays are back with their new single “Moon”. The last time they were featured they were in Japan and now they’re not even on the same planet this time around. I’ve always wondered what it’s like on the Moon, purely to see if it’s really made out of cheese. If it’s not, Wallace and Gromit have got a lot of explaining to do.

On this new single Leopard Rays vow to not slow down, and this is certainly adhered to simply from the sheer volume of it. Thunderous riffage fills the room and makes the following three minutes past by in a blur. Melodies cut through the layers of noise to bring extra layers into your mind, and the frantic pace of the vocals and the drums really help drive it into your skull. This is the best kind of headache.

Moon” is a superb single from Leopard Rays and my favourite of theirs to date. I’ll be singing its praises to the moon and back. What a way to close out 2019. Listen to “Moon” below and connect with Leopard Rays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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