Lia Menaker – ‘Blood On My Hands’ | Song of the Week

‘Blood On My Hands’ is the new single from Lia Menaker. Lia was part of the band Broken Darling before branching onto her solo venture, and has released a debut album in 2015’s Animal Behaviour. Now she looks to settle into the world of music once again with this new single. It follows previous single ‘Push Pull’ and also cements what seems to be a change in sound too. As well as all this, it also serves as a reminder of what not to admit if you’re ever accused of murder.

While ‘Push Pull’ offered a bold sound primarily made up of Piano, ‘Blood On My Hands’ looks to add a little groove into the airwaves. Synthesisers lay down a series of dark and brooding beats which fit in perfectly with Lia’s opening description of doing something not so nice on a rainy day – immediately setting the tone for the rest of the track. The instrumental pulsates along the way while waves of horns and harmonies chime in to create multiple layers of sound to the track, and it’s brilliant.

Lia’s vocals are refreshingly honest and very self-assured, giving off a confident performance amongst an instrumental that always looks to re-invent itself. ‘Blood On My Hands’ is a superb song from Lia Menaker and is possibly the easiest way to get yourself into Lia’s music. It’s great.


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