Well hello there! It’s time for another Liner Notes blog post, where we take a break from all things blog and have a little chat. How’s it going? How are you enjoying 2018 so far? Whaaaat!? You’ve stuck to your resolutions?! Oh my god, you look great, and I love that new nose.

It feels like January lasted forever, infact it’s still January as I’m writing this. Gosh January, get going already. As you’re reading this I’m away for the weekend, so I’m taking advantage of past (current) me being productive and doing a favour to present (future) me. I actually had the day off work as I had a driving test which unfortunately I failed, but it seems I failed because of unfortunate things. It was originally supposed to happen a week ago but it was cancelled as they had no examiners lying around, which they gratefully told me at 7:30am, completing interrupting sleepytime. Thanks guys.

As for the test itself, I hadn’t drove bad at all, it was just one of those cases where the most important 40 minutes of my day also involved a lorry attempting to do a three point turn, roadworks people parking their roadworks van in a way that I had to try and scoot into the lane occupied by another massive lorry, and another person choosing to be right up the car’s undercarriage as I attempted a right turn. Ho hum, such is life.

I was gutted to fail but one of the things I’ve tried to embed into my brain is to simply not care about things as much. A year ago I would’ve been sweating up a storm and hating myself for failing because of the sheer pressure I brought upon myself with regards to the event itself and the aftermath of letting people know I failed. It’s not healthy, and most people generally don’t care about what you’re doing anyway. So I took the test as a little learning experience and have tried to move on without feeling too sorry for myself. There’s always a next time, and if there isn’t a next time, there’s no point spending the rest of time worrying about it.

Anyway, another thing I wanted to mention is the Grammy’s. As all of us are aware the Grammy’s happened very recently and it was a bit shit, weren’t it? It’s always been an awards show dedicated to those who are the most popular rather than the music itself, but this year they could’ve done something special to show support to the recent #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z dropped huge albums last year that made an impact in music, but they give the award to Bruno Mars. I mean, I could shake my tailfeathers to 24k Magic all day long, but that’s all it was – an entertaining record. It wasn’t anything impactful. Same with the Best Pop Solo Performance reward, they seemed to have missed a trick in supporting the aforementioned movements and given the award to one of the five women nominated, who all produced songs off the back of some serious issues in their personal lives, but they give it to the one male…who wrote a song about lusting over a woman, going completely against all of these movements and everything the nominated ladies had written about. Bizarre. No wonder the Grammy’s continues to disappoint more and more each year.

So uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, that’s about it really. I hope January has been wonderful to you and that February comes along with another sweet dose of love for you too. Goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam xoxox.

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