Hello everybody! Welcome to another Liner Notes. I’ve not done one of these in a while so I feel a little exposed with no music to write about. The reason why I stopped writing these on a monthly basis is because I’ve reached that age where a month seems to disappear before I’ve even begun to change my calendar, thus had nothing to write about. On a lighter note, the reason why I am writing this particular post is because we reached 1,000 followers on Twitter this week.

Now in this world of always wanting the next step, a thousand might not be seen as that big of a deal in terms of the *bigger picture* but, to me, this picture’s pretty beautiful. To me, a thousand is a number that rounds off something nicely. It’s not better or more impressive than reaching a hundred followers, or five hundred or any sort of hundred, but it’s a number that suggests that hey, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s not validation I’ve ever craved before but it’s a nice feeling to have.

I never started Sounds Good with the intention of building huge numbers of anything other than posts if my enthusiasm maintained, and with it being the third blog/attempt of mine it was never really something I really considered beyond “how long will this last?” All I really have to say is thank you. Thank you to all of those who have made Sounds Good so entertaining to maintain over the last two years. All of you who make Twitter so much fun to browse, and this little family of bloggers and artists that’s formed is the most adorable, wonderful thing I’ve ever witnessed.

A thousand followers is awesome, and while it’s easy to say “let’s go for two thousand!” I’m pretty content with enjoying this for a moment or two. It’s a good’un, and it’s one that’s going to contribute to what’s been a great year for Sounds Good too. So yeah, soppy post over, I love you all <3.

ALSO, the interview and podcast with The Penny Antics was the most fun thing I’ve done too. I was ridiculously nervous as I’d never done a proper face-to-face interview before, but the lads were the coolest people ever so it ended up becoming a four hour conversation that just happened to have been recorded. It was excellent, and I hope it showed. I’d love to make them more often, and would be interested in pushing the Good Chat side of things more too. But yea, that’s about it really. I’ll post a cover to commemorate the thousand followers at some point. I tried to learn ‘A Thousand Times’ at about 1am last night and that did not go so well, so back to drawing board on that! But yeah, thanks again! You be you, I love you. Good music, good vibes, always.

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