Little Star – Even In Dreams | EP Review

EPs are something I’d like to feature more on Sounds Good this year. They’re highly underrated I feel in the blogging world but offer a chance to experience a new artist or an artist experimenting with their sound, without proving the full commitment of an entire album. Even In Dreams is the new EP from Portland’s Little Star and, well, it’s brilliant.

Lead single ‘Providence’ kicks things off with an instrumental that’s steeped in murkiness yet offers a slight groove too. It’s like a lovechild of Joy Division and Blue Oyster Cult that’s discovered who it’s parents are and is taking that ball and runnin’ with it. This then spills onto the title track which adds a little extra dose of murky water to the atmosphere, running at mid-tempo pace and a sound that seems to swirl around the brain.

It’s not until ‘Jacks’ that we witness Little Star attempt a little dive into Pop territory. The instrumental still retains that dirty element to it but does seem to shoot for the happier chords, while the vocals warble their way through the falsetto notes. It does succeed in this attempt but does still offer a sense of uncertainty which actually helps keep things thrilling, and does offer a more melodic approach than it’s previous cuts.

‘Waltz’ then closes out the EP with a wonderful little diddy filled with ascending pianos and an instrumental that seems to dance in the night sky. It’s lovely, and a great way to end things on a high. Even In Dreams is a great EP that details a steady progression from a grounded sound into one that floats into the world, and Little Star have certainly left an impression on me.

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