Louis And The Shakes drop new single ¦ “Blame”

Louis And The Shakes are a four piece band from London and this is their new single “Blame”, out now. No doubt, this is the best band to feature considering their name and the fact that Sounds Good has been lying low on the music-reviewing front for the last couple of weeks. Let’s shake off that rust, baby. 

“Blame” brings the listener into a world surrounded by warbling, Western-style guitar chords, but rather than putting on the duster and yeehawing to your haw-rt’s contempt, the band lay down a solid rhythm that absolutely kicks up the dust. Louis’ vocals drawl their way through the layers, drawing comparisons to Alex Turner in their steely execution but also in the witty nature of the lyrics. You cannot argue with lines like “Was he hung like a horse? Of course he was well endowed, might as well throw in the towel…” after all. I would’ve probably thrown in the towel, too.

This is a superb little listen from Louis And The Shakes. “Blame” is a song that sways at its own pace, but ensures that we as listeners hear exactly why it sways too. Its Bluesy/Western sound is dashed with Indie and packed with memorable one-liners, meaning you cannot go wrong with playing this song all day, every day.

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