Low Island / “Long Answer”

From their excellent EP Shut Out the Sun comes “Long Answer”, the latest single from Low Island. Written about a friend of a band feeling embarrassed from experiencing a mental breakdown, the Oxford act shows their support in a way that should expand to all individuals who’ve felt the same way.

Like many things that come from the past, it doesn’t fit with today’s society. Masculinity is a term that shouldn’t exist, and its definition is something we shouldn’t abide by, but challenge continuously. The notion of “being a man” doesn’t extend to simply shutting up emotions anymore. This is an issue that generally affects all genders, and is something that needs to be erased from memory.

Shades of LCD Soundsystem, Caribou and Radiohead reflect in “Long Answer” as it showcases a sound steeped in groove. An instrumental dazzles as lyrics look to tackle what’s considered to be “the norm” with regards to mental health. Layers upon layers of guitars and synths create a sound that’s sunny in execution, brightened further by vibrant drums delivering additional rhythms to the mix. The song grooves into the night, and I cannot get enough of it.

Listen to “Long Answer” below and connect with Low Island on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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