Luke Royalty – ‘I Could Get Used To This’ ft. Sweets / New Single

Luke Royalty has come a long way since first discovering music as an outlet in his late teens. From producing demos in his bedroom, to nurturing and developing his sound in the studio, the 21-year-old is raring to go with a smattering of tracks under his belt ready to kickstart his career. 

The first collaboration of many between Luke Royalty and Manchester-based rapper Sweets, ‘I Could Get Used To This’ is a groovy, memorable track that impressively weaves together elements of soul, R&B, and synthpop.

The two penned the track after both moving away from their North East hometowns, as an optimistic reflection on new beginnings. Its emotive lyrics are a nod to the positive outlook Royalty has towards making music with his creative partner. Accompanied by a slick bassline and uplifting percussion, it’s such a feel good tune that will wiggle its way into the depths of your brain and stay there for a while.

Forgive me if this is a bit on the nose, but I could get used to more music like this, for sure.

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