Brighton indie-pop band Luna Blue has given us a taste of summer right in the middle of August! They’ve released ‘Dance With Your Heart’, a track that can definitely make you hit the dance floor and groove all night long.

With the band’s signature upbeat style, this song will make you forget these uncertain times and will magically transport you to a summer beach party where you can dance your heart away.

Listening to vocalist Tom High’s gorgeous falsettos (with a hint of grunge,) lead guitarist Ryan Wellman’s rhythmic melodies, as well as the genius combination of Nick David’s heavy bass lines and Seb Bowen’s foot-stomping drum routines, I can definitely say that this track has come together beautifully.

They say that pop songs are the hardest ones to write, because they need to be catchy. But, it seems like Luna Blue had no such problems because I’ve been listening to ‘Dance With Your Heart’ on repeat for a few weeks now.

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