Luna Rosa’s new single “MK Ultra”

Luna Rosa return with their new single “MK Ultra”. The quartet from Northampton got one over on me as the song references the project undertaken by the CIA during the Cold War to see if they could control the minds of human beings, whereas I thought it was a reference to Mortal Kombat. A different kind of fatality, no less.

The airwaves are filled with an intro that’s thick with righteous guitars, bringing the sounds of the desert to the eardrums. The immediate comparison is Kyuss, as Luna Rosa build walls of noise to create a fortress of sound that knocks you to the ground. Backed up by a combination of thunderous drums and basslines that head towards a sunset, “MK Ultra” lumbers into a groove as vocals descend into chaos. It’s frantic, high-tempo sound makes for some very satisfying listening.

Listen to “MK Ultra” below and connect with Luna Rosa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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