Lunar Femmes aim for the heart with new EP | Stargazers

Back in June we featured Moongirl, the debut EP from electronic duo Lunar Femmes. I really liked it, and what I found refreshing about featuring this particular release is the sense of openness that came with it. It’s an EP that broadly expanded the horizons with wondrous instrumentals throughout and as well as that, both members of Lunar Femmes are transgender and completely open about it. The Music industry is built up of numerous levels of creativity from individuals from all walks of life, so it should be celebrated that it features artists who are helping turn the tide of what’s currently considered a “social taboo”.

What I didn’t expect however was a follow up to Moongirl so soon, and yet here we are. Stargazers is the new EP from Lunar Femmes and the Two Towers of the Lunar Femmes trilogy, so to speak. Not only does it follow the same celestial path as it’s predecessor, but it builds upon what was already a solid foundation and gives it a couple extra stars in the night sky. This expanse is introduced immediately by ‘November 5th’, an opening track that features harmonious synths and wandering basslines that could make Guy Fawkes proud.

Each song comes with it’s own level of heaviness in terms of context. ‘We Don’t Have To Stay’ is an optimistic love song that wishes goodbye to the not-so progressive traits of the duo’s hometown, and features the same level of freedom and relief with it’s synth sounds essentially bouncing through the airwaves in joy. ‘Geminids’ mellows out into a more ambient, relaxed sound whilst the title track is an idyllic collision of love that sounds so pure, but comes with a side of tension that adds some needed texture to it.

Stargazers is an EP that’s full of powerful topics and experiences that make this one of the most intimate releases of the year. It’s an insight into how both members of Lunar Femmes feel about eachother, as well as how they’re affected by outside factors too. Whilst the EP does a great job illustrating the moments of Fear, Hate and Depression, there’s an overarching sense of Love that’s present throughout, often being the true highlight of it. It’s a wondrous EP with tons of depth and whilst I may never have to experience similar feelings, Lunar Femmes do a wonderful job at making their story heard.

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