Maki Flow / New Single – ‘Easy on Me’

London artist Maki Flow releases her second single of 2020 with ‘Easy on Me’. An insightful listen full of personality and emotion, soundtracked by vibrancy and colour.

Maki Flow returns with her new single ‘Easy on Me’. After collaborating with various producers and featuring on some rather significant hits, ‘Easy on Me’ offers a more intimate listen instead. It’s a single that details her journey towards self-love, offering a self-aware take on her emotions and experiences that’ve lead to it.

The instrumental is built with breathy synthesisers, producing sounds lighter than air, gently colliding against the garage-infused percussion. I love the way the synths shimmer against the grittier bass tones during the chorus, retaining the easy-going vibe of the track while also injecting some needed rhythm into the mix. Maki’s vocals offer up moments of conversation, detailing parts of everyday life while also slipping into some effortless harmonies throughout. It creates a nice contrast in styles, and only adds to the variety that shines throughout the track.

‘Easy on Me’ is a great listen, and a song I cannot get tired of. It always sounds on the move, and refreshed in its ability to shift from one genre to the next. It’s great, and I’m excited to see where Maki Flow goes next.

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