Margot Polo’s new EP OOHYEAHYEAH

Margot Polo has been responsible for a number of hits over the last couple years, and with his new EP OOHYEAHYEAH, the project of David Provenzano aims to take over your whole life with a series of hits. Even though it’s currently raining heavily outside my window, this EP makes me feel as if I’m at a pool party. Speedos and everything.

OOHYEAHYEAH is about the different ways, healthy and unhealthy, that we yearn to transcend reality. That might be through something dangerous, like substance abuse. Or it might be a road trip, a relationship. A night out with a mysterious stranger. There’s a bit of ambivalent hedonism implied here. That’s what I love about pop. These lyrics are not very autobiographical; they’re fantasy, my own preferred mode of escapism.”

From the larger-than-life sound of “Let’s Get Out”, it’s clear that OOHYEAHYEAH is an EP that can easily take you away from reality. Its lush instrumentation blended with wonderfully funky basslines and crystalline synthesisers really makes it undeniably catchy, and a superb way to kick off the EP. “Electric Girl” follows with a slightly cooler sound but one that retains a lot of the grooves heard previously, keeping this journey into the better flowing nicely. Its chorus soars with massive vocals and sketchy guitars laying down all manner of swing to the mix.

“Poison” stutters and glitches its way through the airwaves with a sound that revels in its off-kilter groove, offering up a slightly moodier side of Margot Polo’s sound that still bops hard. This then leads to “The Feeling”, which closes the EP with one final hurrah and allows OOHYEAHYEAH to be one of the most entertaining, vibrant EPs we’ve heard in a long time. Margot Polo has done good here.

Check out OOHYEAHYEAH EP below and connect with Margot Polo on Facebook and Twitter.

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