Mark Diamond bursts onto the scene with debut single | “Steady”

“Steady” is the debut single from Mark Diamond. This geezer is a Seattle-based songwriter looking to make a good first impression, and boy does he succeed in doing that. Speaking on the song, Mark says:

“We were actually working on starting a different song when we got side tracked and made ‘Steady.’ That happens a lot. This song was written, tracked and produced all in one night. There is no better feeling than finishing a record that quick. It takes away having to overthink or doubt certain melodies and lyrics. We got back into the studio the next day, had a quick listen and started the next. ‘Steady,’ along with the others, we let come naturally. Also, just the overall energy this song brought into the studio was one I can’t personally explain.”

The fact this was done and dusted within one night doesn’t surprise us one bit. It’s a wondrously steamy collision of emotion and desire that makes it a rather satisfying listen. The smooth synths against Mark’s breathy vocal set the tone immediately as a rigid drum beat drops a steady rhythm throughout. The chorus is a glorious flood of vocal harmonies, thrusting basslines and a desire to dance that’s overwhelmingly hard to ignore.

We could picture it with a one night stand that goes VERY well but this is not something you’d want to never see again. It’s hot, rife with groove and absolutely sexy.

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