Matu – ‘Out of the Mist’ / New Single

Matu returns with his new single ‘Out of the Mist’. The singer-songwriter kicked off his career with the excellent ‘The Days Don’t Come Back’, which immediately made me a fan. It was the intimate sound that did it initially, and it didn’t take long to be caught up in it entirely.

Written about attempting to overcome bad habits, ‘Out of the Mist’ is another song that embraces and allows you an insight into Matu’s openness. While social media teaches us to show us at our best, Matu plainly details his flaws and his failures in stopping them. It’s very refreshing to hear, as none of us come out of life perfect. His vocals are immense, crooning through soft acoustic chords which ramp up the sadness that emanates. They seem to swim past percussion that sound almost tribal in their execution, adding the impact that could come from falling back into habits again.

It’s a beautiful song, and one that really highlights Matu’s ability as a songwriter. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by his output so far and am always excited to hear what’s next. ‘Out of the Mist’ feels like another performance just for me, and I absolutely need to give praise to that Bluesy guitar solo.

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