Miears / Premiere / “Just Be With Me”

Miears is the project of Michelle Miears and on February 28th she will be releasing her debut album Hanging On, her first substantial release since the Who Will Save You? EP way back in 2017. Having released “Let Me Down” last month, Michelle’s looking to keep the hype train rolling with new single “Just Be With Me”, which I’m very happy to premiere to you today.

Titled with the same words I say when I see a Domino’s bike passing by, “Just Be With Me” is a heartfelt ode that revels in its subtleties. Miears’ vocals float and swoon their way through the fluid instrumental, soaring through the notes and up into the atmosphere. It’s joined by electronic drums that snap and dissipate into the air, accompanied by sombre pianos and deep-rooted bass tones that quietly lay down some grooves in the background.

MIEARS explains: “Sometimes we are not meant to be with a person for a lifetime. This song’s perspective resides in that hazy, dark place where the lessons in the relationship are still unclear, and the pain of fearing the inevitable loss is visceral. It’s the realization that sometimes the present experience is only meant to be lived for a short time, and not for a lifetime…the trick is finding the ability to be vulnerable and open to the present, and once the experience has passed, reflecting and acknowledging the lessons…then twist, untangle, unwind.”

“Just Be With Me” is a gloriously crafted song and one that requires endless repeats. The two singles we’ve heard from Hanging On have brought a distinct sound to the ears and it’s one that I’m interested to hear more of. What a tune.

Listen to “Just Be With Me” below and check out Miears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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