‘Girls In Black’ is the new single from Modern Leisure and it’s also the second single to come from the upcoming Super Sad Rom-Com, also known as Modern Leisure’s debut album which is out on June 29th via Guilty Pleasure Records. I’m quite partial to a Rom-Com, you know. My favourite would probably be Crazy Stupid Love, though I absolutely detest Titantic. That door was totally big enough to carry two people Rose, you dick.

ANYWAY. ‘Girls In Black’ is a lovely song from Modern Leisure. It has an easy-going tempo which is boosted by some lazily strummed acoustic guitars that seem to bathe in the summer vibes, and is backed up by drums that seem perfectly content to be chilled as F. Casey Banker’s vocals meander through the layers like dandelion dust floating through the air before making way for some fuzzy guitars to lay down some gritty lead licks. It sounds awesome.

I’m looking forward to hearing Super Sad Rom-Com purely because of this song. ‘Girls In Black’ is a very nice little tune and one that will easily receive heavy rotation over the summer months.

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