Moonlight Breakfast ¦ has us on our feet with new single “Dance Moves”

Moonlight Breakfast are a Vienna-based trio from Romania and this is their new single “Dance Moves”. Having a career that saw their first ever live show open for Jamiroquai and receiving all sorts of accolades from all over the globe, they recently celebrated the release of their third album Affection in May. I’m gutted I didn’t get to review the record at the time, as it is a definite banger.

“Dance Moves” is a calm, collected individual that hangs out at the coolest of night clubs, scouring the dancefloor for the perfect moment to look as cool as possible by cutting some of the most mind boggling shapes imaginable. It’s mid-tempo pace doesn’t care for throwing all sorts of energy into the airwaves; instead allowing instruments to deliver their parts at their own leisure. The snap of the drums, the crunch of the basslines, the steely exterior of the vocals – everything’s in place to get you grooving at the right time, and the right time is RIGHT NOW.

This new single is fantastic and Moonlight Breakfast have made a fan out of me because of it. “Dance Moves” is a taste of Affection, and I’m obsessed with Affection too. Get into it, you will not regret it.

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