Mosie – ‘Look@ugo’ | Single Review

Mosie is the pairing of Jesse LeVines and Aiden Brody and this is their debut single ‘Look@ugo’. This is the first taste of music from the duo in anticipation of their forthcoming record Tangerine, and well, it’s great. Another thing to point out about this track is that it’s been described as a Bratwurst Bump – wonderful.

So what makes it a Bratwurst Bump exactly? Well considering it’s excellent walking bassline, shimmering synthesisers and effortlessly cool drums and vocals, it’s not hard to see why you would wish to shake a sausage at it. It’s instrumental is very smooth, and Mosie do a great job at allowing it to let loose with flitting displays of guitar-lead implosions for a moment or two.

It’s addictively good, and a very strong way to introduce yourself to the world. ‘Look@ugo’ buying hundreds of Bratwurst. Let’s bump.

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