Mutant Daisies – ‘Minus The Mutants’ | Single Review

Mutant Daisies are a band from New York and this is their new single ‘Minus The Mutants’, from their very recently released Mutant Daisies I EP. I’m not sure if I would like to have mutant daisies in my garden. It’d depend on the trait that makes them mutant I think. Nobody really liked Peter Parker until he was Spiderman, right?

This song is great though. It’s sound is built up of guitars that sound ballsy and full of confidence, delivering all sorts of riffs that allow the listener to strut their stuff or punch themselves in the face. This chaotic range of emotions definitely feeds through into the mix, as the vocals can barely be heard over the noise but it makes for a more cohesive sound. It’s great, and I love the ‘falling apart’ quality it has.

‘Minus The Mutants’ is a great song by Mutant Daises and quick tip, Mutant Daisies I is a great EP too. Check it out, and DANCE.

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