Nata’s “Chocolate and Red Wine”

When I first heard Nata‘s single, it felt as if I were transported into a movie. Specifically, transported to the part of the movie where the two romantic protagonists have just fought over some stupid miscommunication and are now wandering, aimlessly, separately, through whatever romantic city the movie takes place in (I’m picturing London). In the words of Nata herself, the song is a “lyrical reflection about hesitation in love and blaming yourself for catching feelings for the wrong person”.

When listening to the song, it is clear that that sentiment is at the forefront. The whole song evokes a soulful and melancholy feeling of remorse, of blame almost. A sadness only felt when you feel you have made the mistake of loving someone you shouldn’t. I love that the song can bring about those feelings and that sad sentiment while being titled “Chocolate and Red Wine“, something that generally makes people think of romance at its finest. The juxtaposition between the romantic title and its bittersweet lyrics just further demonstrates Nata’s songwriting prowess. She demonstrates her ability to break hearts in the most romantic way possible.

To add a cherry to the top of this song and Nata in general, she wrote this song initially in 30 minutes at the piano after a night out. While she has been working on the song for about a year, it doesn’t loose that emotional realness that stems from its initial writing. Even though the orchestrations in the song demonstrate the amount of work and thought put into this song, at the end of the day, it still has the elements of a young girl, heartbroken, finding 30 minutes of solace at her piano.

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