As much as I enjoy music that provides all the hooks and reasons needed to wiggle my butt, I do also like discovering a project that has the same motive but does it with a different method. Neurotic Fiction’s Romance is an EP that acts as a farewell, as last year the South West band decided to call it a day. At least Romance is here to make me wish I discovered them sooner. A sad wiggle of the butt.

Romance offers four final tracks that not only pads out the Neurotic Fiction discography but also succeeds as a unit of pure Post-Punk goodness. ‘Assimilate’ gets the EP underway with a flurry of guitars, drums and bass shoved right in your face. The vocals are barely heard above the crashing cymbals and the overall speed of the instrumental which is determined to steamroll through the airwaves. ‘Leather, Bristles, Studs, Acne’ also comes at you with another attack of guitars, backing up that badass title with an equally hard-hitting performance. I picture the onslaught of cymbals as a big leather boot kicking me in the balls over and over.

‘Mi Mi Mi Mascota’ sets off with an off-kilter sound that really hits the sweet spot between catchy and strange. The basslines wander into the snappy rhythm of drums to create a serious groove. This is accompanied by guitars that switch between delivering palm-muted melodies and straight up punches to the fretboard, adding some grit to the track.

‘Happy Goth’ closes the EP with another dazzling display of fast-paced fury that really brings everything together. Romance is a fantastic EP and one that makes me sad that I could never wiggle my butt at a Neurotic Fiction gig. Perhaps hearing that they’ve caused a balding 27 year old to constantly reference his butt in a review of their music will cause them to return, or tell me to fuck off. Who knows?

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