‘Pictures’ is the new single from Never Betters, a project that features people from other Ontario Punk bands such as Strange Ways, Wasted Potential, Foam and Grievances. All badass band names, and with all these badass elements coming together the result is a track’s QUADRUPLE BADASS. Maths.

For a band that define themselves in order to get out of being defined, Never Betters know how to produce one hell of a fun little track. Thunderously loud, distorted guitars flood the airwaves with a riff that fills the ears with bubblegum pop-punk goodness, while the female vocals wail out to give a good layer of passionate crunch on top. Like a really gross, different Shepherd’s Pie or something. Hmm.

‘Pictures’ is seriously one of the most fun listens I’ve had in a long while, and I look forward to hearing more from this super-group of sorts in Never Betters.

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