Neverlanded’s debut EP ¦ F.U.U. ¦ is hard hitting and full of good intentions

This is one of the more unique releases we’ve featured. Neverlanded are a trio and this is their debut EP F.U.U. or, FluffyUnicornsUnited. It’s about time that the Unicorns got together, sorted their mess out and made some serious jams and this EP is the very definition of Unicorn togetherness. Fuck yes. What’s cool about this particular project is that Neverlanded are offering their music for free to those who donate to Mermaids UK, a charity that looks to help out young individuals and families who may be experiencing gender dysphoria.

With regards to the EP, F.U.U. is four tracks of furious guitars crashing against one another to create some seriously enthralling music. Opening track “Brainsane” kicks things off with a Nirvana-esque instrumental that tears through our skull and fills it with guttural noises that extend all the way through the EP. “MesS.O.S.” provides more of the same but throws it down the stairs, allowing the momentum to roll through the airwaves and making it more likely to turn whatever’s left in the skull into mush.

“This Friend of Mine” offers a softer approach as the guitars head down a melodic route, and rather poetically the band’s debut single “Scream4icecream” closes out the EP with one last flurry of chaotic thunder. F.U.U. is a bold EP from Neverlanded, one that does not ease up on the fury and certainly provides more than enough material to enjoy smashing things up for a while.

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