‘Dangerous Fools’ is the new single from Nica. This is the first single to come from her upcoming album Bruised and well, it’s one hell of a listen. It might be worth cancelling your plans, as you might not want to go outside afterwards.

The reason why I say that is because ‘Dangerous Fools’ is a mesmerising listen that uses a lot of Nica’s own growth and experiences to explore the avenues of your own heartstrings, and while that might sound intrusive, the track does it in a way that it’s natural to open up to it. The sombre piano opening pairs up with crashing cymbals, subtle distorted guitars and Nica’s swooning harmonies, creating one of the nicest, most organic sounding instrumentals I’ve heard all year. Nica’s vocals are heartfelt, and seem to flood the airwaves with genuine emotion throughout.

It’s beautiful, haunting and a little bit powerful too. Nica is essentially a female Father John Misty, but all of the emotions and sounds heard today are unlike no other single I’ve heard this year.

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