Nina Luna – Notes on a Decade of Romance / New EP

Fierce, bold, yet serene. Minneapolis singer-songwriter Nina Luna presents her all-acoustic EP, Notes on a Decade of Romance, in its rawest and truest form. Drawing inspiration from her own heartbreaks, this five-track extended play reflects the most painful and heart-wrenching experiences one could ever have gone through inside the arena of love.

With several singles and an EP in her arsenal, Nina Luna stuns listeners by creating Notes on a Decade of Romance with just acoustics and her soothing, enthralling vocals. Striving to perfect her craft since she was young, Nina Luna decided to go all-acoustic for this EP, highlighting her vocal prowess with her emotive delivery and crooning.

Listening to Notes on a Decade of Romance makes you feel like you’re reading Nina Luna’s open diary of different experiences and realizations regarding love and self-discovery. ‘Dark Heart’ gives us a peek at what it feels like to not be enough, while ‘Water’ depicts the feeling of meeting the right person. ‘Sorry’ takes us on a journey filled with never-ending regrets while ‘Foolish’ illustrates the need to be loved by someone. Finally, ‘Call It Like I See It’ gives us a sense of hope.

It’s definitely mesmerizing and touching with all the personal touches embedded into each track. The genuine, raw emotions dedicated to this EP perfectly translates how heartbreaks can be transformative, and how we should be more forgiving towards ourselves after each and every failed relationship.

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