Nomero – ‘Flows’ | *PREMIERE*

I am extremely happy to premiere this to your ears today! ‘Flows’ is the new single from Nomero, the project of London’s own Joe Woollard. Having described the song as “idk…indie jazz?” on Soundcloud, and having a rather casual description behind it’s creation I feel pretty relaxed in how I’m going to big it up too. This song? Idk…it’s alright.

Joe describes the creation as such: “been listening to a lot of jazz classics recently, and wanted to infuse that vibe with my pop production. Once the jazz chords are in place I just built this simple flow, which I wanted to keep throughout, although I do twist it slightly in the final section which hopefully will surprise the listeners”.

From the beginning you can hear the Jazz influences creep through on ‘Flows’. The subtle percussion collides with the snap of the drums which works really well against the warbling Jazz chords and occasional guitar lick which appears to fade out into the open. This leaves enough room for Joe’s vocals to ease into the mix, adding a simple yet effective hook that really helps uplift the song entirely.

‘Flows’ is a fantastic song and it’s one I could stick on loop all day. It’s relaxed feel allows the instrumental to flesh itself out and the result is something that blooms in a totally natural way. I love it.

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