North Parade exploded onto the scene back in February with the release of their debut single “Birmingham”. The London quartet brought a sound that was steeped in Cure influence but kept a lot of character that helped project their identity. Excited to document their first year as musicians, we invited the guys back for an interview. This chinwag gives details as to their initial feelings that surrounded the release of “Birmingham”, plus some rather vague details on their next single. Proper teases, they are.  

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Hey North Parade, how’s it going? Very well thank you, how are you? (We were proper dandy, thank you)

First of all, what’s the story behind how North Parade came to be? Me and Chris met at school and started playing music and writing songs together, then when I went to Uni I met James and Ollie and after a few years of jamming, all four of us finally got into a room together to play some songs and book some gigs.

You released your debut single “Birmingham” this year. How cool was it to get started in the music industry? Very cool. A bit nerve-wracking too, but mostly very cool.

It’s also been mentioned that you’ve a new single out soon. What can you tell us about it? Can we expect it to bring similar vibes to “Birmingham”? Unfortunately at the moment we can’t tell you a lot. What we can say is that we’re still experimenting with our sound and for this reason I think we want our second single to be a bit of a contrast to “Birmingham” – but hopefully one that isn’t too polarising for people.

Could we expect to hear some more music from you this year? You definitely will hear more music from us this year. I can’t say when, but we are hoping to have released at least three more singles by the end of the year – if all goes according to plan.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? The honeymoon period has ended but this is still just the start.

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