The first week of 2019 is over and it’s been a weird, almost restricted way of resuming into normalcy. Gone are the days of Christmas and NYE. There’s no acceptance in living through sausage rolls, everybody seems to be sobering up to their traditional selves, and it’s sad. Okay(K) looks to reminisce those euphoric feelings with new single “Shake It Off”. Whether your feelings of euphoria came from alcohol, drugs or perhaps that second tub of sausage rolls, Okay(K) ensures you remember that time with fondness.  

Okay(K) is an artist who allows his creativity to spill over into many genres and numerous forms. Via different projects, this dweller of Boston is ready to bring the party to the ears one more time. He himself admits he wasn’t in a stable state of mind when the inspiration for “Shake It Off” struck:

“I wrote this while on vacation in LA on my way back to Boston. I did half a Xan [with] 13 hours til I land. Had me out like a light. The idea of being faded came to mind and what you should do when you’re in that situation. You should have no worries be happy and just shake it off.”

As much as we could admire the upbeat message that comes through this hazy journey, “Shake It Off” is a track that revels in it’s ability to blur the airwaves with it’s sound. Bolstered with a drum beat that’s drenched in mud and flooded with sunken synths, the song has this glorious ability to cloud the mind and stick you right into the midst of Okay(K)’s trip. It’s mind-melting beats are followed hurriedly by frantic male/female vocals which stumble between crooning and mumbling throughout, properly ramping up the trippier elements of the song. It’s trippy, groovy and absolutely weird. We cannot get enough of it.


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