Okay(k) made waves in our minds with the warbling grooves of “Shake It Off”. The single gave us an insight into an artist who cares little for genres and just lets the music do its thing. We appreciate that, and his new EP New York looks to offer more of the same freedom too. We think we’re ready.

“New York” kicks off proceedings with the return of the warped vocals from “Shake It Off”. Accompanying the vocals is a guitar that seems to have not slept in a couple days, and is strumming lazily in the background, hoping to be caught in a daze and doze off into a needed slumber. Its dreamy tempo adds sweetness to the track, bringing some innocence to the numerous vocal takes that seem determined to overwhelm the mind with different harmonies throughout.

“Lifetime” mellows out the erratic tools and produces a rather streamlined performance. Synths pattern the fluid atmosphere with twinkling stars of noise as okay(k) details genuine emotion as he dozily repeats “I wanna spend my own lifetime with you” over and over. Easily the sweetest lyric on the EP, as “Karma” closes out with watery vocals and a return to the strange.

New York is exactly what you’d expect from okay(k), which is to expect to be surprised. It’s a glorious collision of sounds and ideas that might not make sense, but does keep you entertained throughout. It’s beautiful in the strangest way; we wouldn’t want it any other way.  

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