‘Time’ is the debut single from London quartet Old Swing and well, what a way to kick off your musical career. Did anyone ever spend their childhood playing on the swings? There’d always be a local playground which would be weathered by the seasons and be left derelict until the time came to make an afternoon for somebody. I had a playground nearby that had swings, and one day I sat on one and it broke, making me fall to the floor and ponder whether or not 24 was a sensible age to still go to the playground.

Unlike playground swings, Old Swing’s ‘Time’ is a track that can withstand the test of. The band’s sound is a gorgeous blend of indie rock and indie pop, bringing forth similarities to the likes The 1975 and Fickle Friends, as they seem determined to add a little sunshine to the ears. The intro is a glorious display of shimmering synths and rainbow coloured melodies, alongside the breathy vocals that seem to wash away with the ocean waves, washing over a sense of calm and happiness into the airwaves.

‘Time’ is an excellent song from Old Swing. It’s timeless and effortlessly addictive, and I cannot get enough of it.


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