Olivia Henry’s beast of a new single | “In My Touch”

We love a sassy number. There’s something empowering about listening to a song that’s full of gusto that makes you feel like an Ox who’s prepared to be the best version of yourself. Joining the likes of Annabel Lee, Grace-Attalie, Jesse Jo Stark among others is Olivia Henry, whose new single “In My Touch” is another tune determined to slay all basic bitches.

Booming pianos and drums combine with Olivia’s vocals to bring the tools for a dramatic, coming-of-age number to occur and goodness, does it occur. Olivia’s vocals in particular deliver words of pure confidence and harmonies in the verses, culminating in a chorus of “don’t fuck with me” which is very satisfying to sing along to. The track builds brilliantly as Gospel-like vocals soar in the background alongside synths that help envelop the airwaves in this dramatic performance that’s great to listen to.

“In My Touch” is a beast of a tune from Olivia Henry. Olivia’s vocals lead the way but the instrumental does a fantastic job at backing them up, bringing one of the best performances we’ve heard in a long while. Yasss. Queen.

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