Fresh off a dazzling display of productivity last year comes “Vice”, the newest single from Wycombe’s Only Sun. The five-piece dropped twelve songs in twelve months in 2018 and not only is the result a rather pleasing sight for the eyes on their Spotify profile, but it’s also proper good to see a band be so hungry to get into your ears. “Vice” is no exception; the ears will be craving it just like all the rest.

This enthusiastic bundle of noise kicks off with an intro comprised of rapid-fire riffs and vocals that fly by without looking back, immediately setting the tone for some gloriously frenetic listening. Only Sun keeps the track pulsating with constant key changes and shifts in tempo to really make you wonder “HEY, JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??” well, it’s better not to think and just DANCE instead. “Vice” is a wonderfully chaotic tune from Only Sun, and one that proves that these guys are showing no sign of slowing down just yet.

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